Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mounting a Packard Shutter on a Six Pound Wollensak Lens (Part 2)

Completed flange, cemented onto Packard shutter

The cardboard flange was great fun to make. The flange is nice and snug, but it doesn't take much effort to install or remove. The multiple layers of glued cardboard are strong enough to hold the whole thing together.  I used 1/32" thick cardboard from an art supply store.

Make sure you work with the natural bend. Cut two strips an inch and a half tall and a little longer than the diameter of the lens barrel. I wrap the first strip of cardboard around the lens barrel loosely then cut at an angle. I use a small piece of masking tape to join at the angle cut.

After measuring I cut it diagonally

You need at least two of these

I take the remaining strip and fit it into the inside diameter of the first strip then cut at an angle. I glue both of these with the angle cut at opposite sides. I use white wood glue, like Elmer's.

After drying overnight the bottom half inch is cut every 3/16" or so; fold as a flange. At this point you need to cut three square pieces of cardboard the size of the Packard shutter. In the center of the first one cut a hole the size of the ID of the cylinder you made.
Folded  3/16" cuts as flange

Apply glue to the bottom of the folds on the cylinder and glue to the first square piece - center cylinder on hole.

On the second square cut a hole the diameter of the cylinder plus the folds. (half inch more than the OD of cylinder).

Glue the second square piece over the top. On the third square cut the center hole the outside diameter of the cylinder. Apply glue and pressure - this one will be glued on top of the folds - like a sandwich.

Shutter and six pound Wollensak Vitax lens side by side
Recap, layers from top to bottom: top square, followed by folds and center square, then bottom square. They should be all glued together, make sure to apply pressure and let it all dry overnight.

The next day after drying, spray it with flat black paint.

Now apply rubber cement to shutter and to flange, join and apply pressure till dry. Packard shutters usually have a layer of felt that needs to be removed before applying glue.

Last thing, I applied the cork strip to the ID of the flange. Done. To install this combo on camera: first install lens from front as usual, then from the back, through the bellows, install the shutter with flange. Go shoot some photos... oh, yeah - you have to figure out what to do with the hose to actuate the shutter. I'll let you figure it out.

All done - shutter mounted on lens
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